María José Suárez still recovering strength to face the many projects that are waiting just around the holidays.

If early summer, the model enjoyed a fun trip to Marbella with her friends, Raquel Rodriguez and Elisabeth Reyes.

Now, the former Miss Spain has changed the Andalusian coast of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza more specifically, which has revealed itself with a large group of friends sailing the seas aboard a luxury yacht.

Showing off an enviable figure and a golden tan, María José has taken very serious about holidays and rest in between swims, Seville has alternated his free time with fun conversations with friends and long sessions of sun.

With a flattering bikini, consisting of a black top and bottom with floral motifs in red and orange, Maria Jose now enjoys a quieter stage of his life as a year ago, the model went through a difficult time Feliciano Lopez and staff when she decided to put an end to their relationship. It was two months pregnant and faced forward to the arrival of their first child, but a month after the baby she lost.

After this sharp rebuke, then started out with Sebastian, an Austrian engineer, and their separation last April: "We have been friends, is a great person," confirmed the known model after rupture. Now, refugee work and heat of his friends, Maria José seems to have made love in the background, and despite the constant rumors that have re-match with his former partner, tennis player Feliciano Lopez, the Seville has been very clear and said: "Among Feliciano and I do not there is that 'bad feeling' that there '", and although both have returned to resume their friendship, nothing suggests that they have resumed their relationship.

And although there have been many who expected a chance encounter between Mary and Joseph Feliciano in Ibiza, the favorite spot for two to disconnect from the routine, it seems that this is difficult to actually occur, because while the model absorbs the rays Ibizan sun, Feliciano, who played last week the 1000 Cincinnati Masters, is immersed in preparations for the Davis Cup to be held between 16 and 18 September in the bullring in Cordoba.