While the debate over restrictions on the purchase of foreign exchange, the journalist Jorge Lanata placed an order for protection to be allowed to buy dollars.

The judicial process began last week and was part of a segment of Journalism for All program Lanata on Channel 13. Now the journalist deberña present evidence supporting its claim. Justice in Federal Administrative took the first step in solving the shelter:

The judge ruled that Lanata Rita Ailán must submit the evidence offered in its application, directed against the National Government, through the Central Bank and the AFIP. The decision of the judge, a veneer, means that the file is being processed, ie, they launched the judicial machinery will decide whether or not there at the request of the journalist to be authorized to purchase foreign currency.

The decision to notify the judge has Lanata, who must "accompany the documentary evidence offered the actor in the original application," because on that basis develop the cause and take a decision, judicial sources said the agency DyN.