The president of the Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA), Hugo Luis Biolcati, justified the agricultural strike in the province of Buenos Aires and asked President Cristina Kirchner "irritate" the industry "and 2008" during the conflict resolution 125 .

"The party's over, there is no money to send to the provinces. Duck wedding turn to be us. It is brutal and the only answer is the protest," he said. "We recommend that no cuts. Let's hope that the President did not take the role of irritating and 2008. For our part we will take steps to appease the level of tension," he said, in conversation with Radio El Mundo. In addition, the revaluation Biolcati considered in the Legislature enacted "will cripple the economy."

What happened

On Thursday, the Legislature of the Province of Buenos Aires approved a tax reform that sets property tax increases rural, gross receipts and stamps. The law allows the executive to increase resources for a total of 2485 million pesos a year. These funds are added 2.2 billion of public debt that authorized the rule. The tax increase will particularly affect the field, a sector that reacted immediately to the call for a nine-day strike.