he statement of Daniel Reposo, nominated by the Government Attorney, will begin to treat a public hearing Tuesday and is expected a tough battle between the blocks of the ruling and opposition parties, who harshly questioned the nomination.In this context, Senator Ernesto Sanz claimed today that the national government gives "reverse" in the designation of rest because, he said, "has already been done too much damage to the Attorney."

"It will be even worse when you rest not get the agreement to hold the office and the cost of this failure, end up paying the president personally," the radical Sanz.The senator noted that the government "in time to avoid giving this false step" but warned that "they must first recognize the error to withdraw the list and select a candidate who meets the eligibility requirements that have no rest."Tuesday's meeting will be the prologue to the final session convened for Wednesday 13 June, when the body define the fate of the proposed ruling.

Accounting definitions of legislators made public until today, Kirchner and his allies have the support of 39 senators, but they are nine to reach two thirds claiming the law for that goal and opponents say they have 22 when need 25, third chamber, for preventing the nomination.Tuesday's meeting critically important because the 11 senators who have not publicly identified their votes said they expect to see performance in that debate to rest then set position.

Settlement Commission, chaired by Marcelo Guinle ruling, decided that the discussion of the public hearing starts at 10 on Tuesday, with the reading of an extract of disputes referred to the Ministry of Justice and the Commission itself and the Rest eventual response to them.The main challenges point to question the professional competence and the possible lack of political independence from the Executive, there are several mentions of "tipeos errors" in the text of history and some facts considered direct opposition lies.Then the senators, integrated or not the Commission Agreement, formulate questions about their personal, professional and political standing as well as he platearán case scenarios that could face Attorney already in practice to evaluate the ability of response to critical situations.

After this first part, but may express their questions in writing only other meeting participants that will be answered by Sleep.In the usual mechanics of public hearings, as happened in 2008 with Resolution 125 and in 2010 with the specifications of Mercedes Marco del Pont for President of the Central Bank, the government will propose the signing of a supportive opinion. In the Committee on Arrangements for Victory Front has 8 members, half plus one of the members, but an ally, while opponents UCR and meet five PAF is not yet known and the position of Pampa Peronist Carlos Verna.

The head of the block of the Front for Victory, Miguel Pichetto, was this week, along with his counterpart Daniel Filmus, one of the charge to defend the candidate proposed by the Government to replace the resigning Esteban Righi.Evaluate the candidateTo Pichetto, Tuesday's hearing at 10 "will be central to all senators to assess the candidate" because there "Rest will be able to demonstrate the unjust judgments of that has been targeted."Senator Rest considered a victim of "a smear campaign from criticism irrelevant as the average obtained during their academic career."Pichetto criticized some opposition senators have advanced their rejection of the appointment before the public hearing and said that this refusal "Some try to block the government from the President."The legislator said he was confident the exposure will rest at the public hearing and stated that "a week later, on campus, will achieve the number of votes necessary to designate it as the new Attorney General".Filmus, meanwhile, denounced the existence of "a huge media operation" to discredit the applicant and said the ruling is "confident" that "Sleep is eligible to the Senate approves it."