Not yet started on "Dancing 2012" and Andrea Rincon and his sharp tongue began to add enemies.

While they made a note during the production of pictures for the program of Marcelo Tinelli, the brunette took about Mariana's daughter and Claudio Paul Nannis Cannigia, Charlotte Chantal, and first joked with his resemblance to Carolina Papaleo, and then said: "Why not ask me questions 'liberals' like they do to the daughter of the bird, like 'would you date a poor?', 'Can you introduce to your parents and boyfriend to a public employee or a greengrocer?' ? ", mocking the daughter of the player, who in" This is the Show ", true to his mother, responded with an emphatic" No, not poor. "

The Corner, which is always worthy of popular girl, came out in defense of the poor and asked, "Why, also, do not ask the poor, the greengrocers or public employees if they would eat the trout copy Papaleo of? In a country with rich pseudo minority, you will see how the daughter of the wind with his first trip to the phone, "he challenged.

"The people grateful for his sincerity, we will respond with telephone voting bonanza to the girl who gave it a name frozen dessert, you'll see," he said.

It seems that the corner does not waste time ...