Anxiety, nervousness, peace, pride, pressure and happiness. This cocktail of ambiguous sensations is what the words say and show the faces of Adrian Suar and Natalia Oreiro during the press conference of presentation of only you, and in closely with PROFILE. And that morning, at 21.30, with the kickoff out of the prime time of the Thirteen to try to regain lost audience leadership in 2012.

The players will be surrounded by a cast of level (Arturo Puig, Muriel Santa Ana, Lali Esposito, Eugenia Suarez, Juan Minujín) and tell a love story within the genre of comedy that always ran white. Producer and Program Manager of the station of Grupo Clarin strip again after No Code and reveals it will be the last time I will make a daily novel. As the Uruguayan actress, who returns after five years and popping the rating with Sos mi vida. Together they generate huge expectations and hope to "get in the family" and, of course, want to have good audience numbers.

- Why did you decide to delay the premiere? Did you see the low power?
SUAR: Yes Few viewers in summer and keep a couple of chapters (there are ten closed and expected to be realized in the year 160) and arrive in smoke.

- Was it difficult to convince?
S: Yes, very.
Oreiro: Is collecting silver since 2006.
S: Couple dollars (ironic and laugh). I wanted to do with it.

- What did it cost you to go back?
O: Yes Sos After the success of my life, I needed to take some time and develop in cinema. The TV requires many hours, days and does not let anything. I felt it was time and if I waited a little longer was not coming back ever. I'm nervous, depressed, anxious, and I feel like that is already in the air to decompress and see what it returns the viewer. Today I enjoy it, but I'm not relaxed.

-It is a novel of family court. Given that won Telefe rating cycles heading to that audience, is a kick to what this year will screen The Thirteen?
S: In 2011 Heirs well did the only ones, it was a novel re family, and in 2012 maybe I did something a little darker. We had it planned. It is a cycle of white comedies.
O: We always think in a comedy. When we got together we laughed a lot, we have the same timing. Not come every day to make a drama out of my house and being separated from my son (Merlin, he had with Ricardo Mollo, Divided leader) to have a bad time. I accepted a proposal because it amuses me.

-They have a relationship outside the workplace. When viewed, added to their partners??
O: No. I'm friends "Gri" (Griselda Siciliani) in a while and we got together to talk about other things, not working. And Adrian is no friend of Ricardo. Yes with Adri we see or call.

- Is it hard to believe that it will be difficult to position the channel in the first place?
S: You have to work. Hard not to see it, but I see no easy. If we do the things we will do better, if we do bad things go worse.

- And competition with Diego Torres, who stars in "Neighbours at war"?
S: I love that Diego is on TV. He had called at some point, but they did not ever. I would love to be with me. I love him, is a divine actor, very charismatic. Yes, I admit, I do have it in front thing.

- Did you talk to Darin after Cristina's letter?
S: Yes, I called the same day. I felt bad as a citizen. I read the letter and I froze. It's a dirty trick: he was dismissed and Justice apologized. It is beyond the strong importance artist in the country. I do not agree with those who say I should not have thought. Ricardo I know, does not have a confrontational style, will always try to add and not subtract, it is their nature, and I imagine it would have felt very bad. He has no role and gave his opinion public. I think the President has every right answer, which I did not like and it's a shame how he answered. He does not deserve and can send you to the hospital. They are experiencing difficult times in the country.
O: We are in a democracy. All we can say and think what you want. A Ricardo I love him, respect him and support him, and I hope we all Argentines wanting to have a united and no confrontation so that if you're on one side or the other. It would be good to lower the decibels and build.

-Brandoni, before it received little public support from colleagues Darin said broke solidarity among actors. Do you feel that way?
S: No. It's a guild together. I figure that many would be scary talk. Fear is something that is dormant. Do not talk. Do not say. It must have respect for the President, but it can happen that a head of state psicopatee a citizen.

-For the Media Law,? Conditions when assembling projects extending the injunction and not know what will happen this year?
S: No. Time will tell. We are working, thinking on doing things. I will not disappear.

- What would you like floor average rating?
S: I do not know. I never spoke of rating, I do not like the producers or actors speaking of rating. There is an issue we have to harangue, you lose the magic of art. I will not lie, I'm a cynic indoors, I talk a lot, I worry and take care, but I am cautious and outside doors seems a talk grasada rating.
O: You underestimate the public. Some people look at it and another that looks anything. So, is less than the other cycle? Is the public wrong? Do detract your choice?
S: He who has more rating is not more alive. I have had many times to win and I was always quiet.

'It's a business ...
O: But people do not.
S: I get to sometimes be on both sides. While the actors are interested because it is the source of work, continuity and positions you, the Argentine actor will be proud of the product concerned. It is a business for those involved, as in my case, I get to carry the channel into first place, but it is a song of mine, I feel pressure, do not carry the animators, artists and actors because it is a burden, not You must a mist on the other. Not because you have 25 rating points. I have been proud and Banque products 12 or 14 points.

- How you took that Childhood is not illegal finalist Oscar?
Oreiro: And ... I felt it was very difficult. But I was pleasantly surprised they have chosen as the representative of Argentina. Furthermore we enter the Goya, another joy for us, a very important award, and has just been released in New York.

- Are you going to train another film?
O: Yes, Wakolda. Last Friday I was bending and saw parts that left me impressed. It's a beautiful movie, very different from Childhood, a psychological thriller with a dramatic character, obviously very different from what of only you, and I love this profession, to do different things.

- How is assume you in the role of leading man?
SUAR: I'm not a lover, but I will take the role. I am happy to make this love story with Nati, a long in my career I was going to be relaxed when acting, but I recognize that I am relaxed in my other role as producer and manager, let alone when a product 's to boot.

- When you think Farsantes launch the unit? Are you going to keep on Wednesdays?
S: Yes, the day is not Marcelo (Tinelli) will Farsantes. We started recording in April and I think that will air in mid to late May. It is a unit that excites me a lot.

- Will they be able to get you alone, You're my man and then Marcelo Tinelli? Do not come too late?
S: Let's see, we will accommodate and depends on when Marcelo again. If back in April, we will accommodate, as happened in 2011.