Marisa Albornoz, a mother of two sons of the writer, gave his word to AM from the controversial community Catamarca.Luego Love Master of scandal in the Book Fair between Claudio Maria Dominguez and Paul Salum, a group representing anti sects , conductor and writer was at the center of controversy after being identified as a former broadcaster of the sect of the Master Love, who was convicted of five causes of child sexual abuse, of which two prescribed.

Dominguez and Salum each had their time in various media and even a face to face. And now it was the turn of Marisa Albornoz, former wife of the driver, who 5 years ago decided to move the controversial Love Master community in Catamarca, and thence gave his testimony for AM.

"I'm fine. I feel fulfilled and happy, if it would not be here. I live in the community of Love Master in Catamarca. Being the wife of Claudius I had the opportunity to travel many places and some were initiatory travel in the Philippines. Before when he was a simple life of people, I had passed. I was with Sai Baba in India, the second time I came here to Catamarca not know what he was looking for, but I felt that I had found. We had arrived. I felt that no I wanted to know outward, but inward to search. I felt that here I can develop myself. "

Then, deeper into daily life, Marisa Dominguez's former wife and mother of his two eldest sons, he expanded: "If you really are concerned, I regret that they are, is unknown. Then I think it's all business of television. What I live for five years is not what they say. Consider that I am an adult and did not leave a cabbage, I have much experience. not live in a place like the one you paint. I aim to human values, love. I have no fancy to go, I love the people that live here. I have come to film cameras but then when editing, show anything. "

In addition, had a bit more about life in that community: "Last year I moved to a small town here close, we must be 300 people scattered. The place where community life is there are 50 people, where I lived until short time. We have the power to do what we want. There are children and adolescents who attend public schools and universities. I'm in a relationship with a community partner. I would like to see my kids more often and more come to visit but I go to see them. I think this is the best I can do for myself. I feel I'm putting my two cents for a better world. "

Regarding the allegations of abuse and rape to Master Love, community leader, Marisa said: "I do not live in a place where you spend that kind of stuff (like abuse). Not believe in that they are saying it . currently do not know what relation it has with the Master Claudio Love does not see much. "