Bezerra Lola is not having a good time. The model suffered a domestic accident this morning while having breakfast with her boyfriend in bed at his home in Nordelta and had to be staffed by a medical center. Luckily, she is better and is now resting at home making. contacted Bezerra, who had all the details of the difficult time he lived.

-Lola, what happened?

-I had an accident this morning. We were having breakfast with my boyfriend in bed and I fell on a thermos of boiling water. I fell right in the legs and around the private parts ... very painful. I became desperate. I started taking off my clothes of despair.

And ran to the guard ...

Of course. Luckily I live in Nordelta almost beside the medical center, so we arrived right away and treated me without waiting.

- What did they say?

-First I eased the pain, burning: no I can not explain! And I said are major burns, but I do not know to what degree. The good news is that it could have been worse and luckily it was not. In fact, I'm home, resting. I have a long healing time and to renew the tissues.

- How is your treatment?

'I'm blindfolded on the legs and gave me an antibiotic to prevent infection. I have to heal the burnt with special creams I was prescribed. I am so sore ... I have to top theater! (Editor's note.: Four comedy acts in the queue and a Funeral). Still do not know if I can be, because the bandages I can not get to me and I have sensitive skin. Hopefully quick pass.

What a pain!