In less than four months, Leonardo Farina did have more news that several famous throughout his career. Since I first saw the kisses Karina Jelinek, put all eyes on him. The theme of the hasty marriage to the model, your life new? millionaire and would have had little trouble with the AFIP, are just some of the things that man had to face. But last night, loose animals had a hard crossing with Lola Bezerra, who had hinted that he threatened her and that if I kept talking about the employer was going to go wrong.

In a telephone conversation with Alejandro Fantino, Fariña, fresh from their honeymoon Italy, faced Lola: "This girl did not know, I never saw and never sent to threaten. I'm a little swollen hue ... talk about me when I do not know. "He added: "It is very biased to say that he was in a 206 and now I'm in a Ferrari."

But Lola was silent and answered: "I do not want to make known to you. I was afraid Leonardo. A girl comes and tells me tené careful what you do because Leonardo does not like. "Getting a little exasperated, Jelinek's husband said, "Think a little on the things you say because they never sent anyone to threaten you and that girl that you named is not my chief of press and not my friend."