At that time, Argentina was the guarantor of peace in the border dispute between the time the Inca country and Ecuador, and the president signed an agreement Rioja would end up working with the Ecuadorian government arms.

 Peruvian Foreign Minister Rafael Roncagliolo, expressed his dissatisfaction with the court decision to acquit the former Argentine President Carlos Menem for illegally selling arms to Ecuador during the armed conflict between that country and Peru in 1995.

 "Obviously, this news fills us with discomfort," said the chancellor Lima radio station RPP.

 Roncagliolo recalled that the president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, on an official visit to Peru in March last year expressed on behalf of his country "and institutional redress historical reparation" to Peru for the sale of military equipment to Ecuador.

 On that occasion the president said his visit Argentina to Lima was to "overcome troublesome and old episodes or even worth mentioning, but the Peruvians deeply wounded." "We greatly appreciate this statement at the time the President of Argentina," said Roncagliolo. He added that Peru wants to improve relations Argentine and Peruvian-proof is the trip made by President Ollanta Humala to Buenos Aires when he was elected president.

 Former Argentine president (1989-99) and current senator, was acquitted on Tuesday in a case of smuggling arms to Croatia and Ecuador between 1991 and 1995. The smuggling was conducted by three secret decrees signed by the former president and his ministers, authorizing arms shipments to Panama and Venezuela, although their final destination was Croatia and Ecuador.

 About Croatia weighed at the time an arms embargo on the United Nations, while Argentina was the guarantor of peace in the border dispute then between Peru and Ecuador.