History must be respected if we know where we came from, what we are, what our origins, and who preceded us on the road. This is something we should always keep in mind when assessing global cultural products, which are part of an aggressive strategy to which criminal and strongly condemn. We have seen in theaters in the country, has issued a cultural product called "300", referring to the saga of the 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas, slowed the advance of the Persian troops in the defile of Thermopylae The historic decision tells of a few men full of courage and armed with courage, fighting to the last breath against the overwhelming advance of Persian soldiers and many who fought in the service of King Xerxes. The epic was such that after more than twenty centuries, it still remembering with respect and admiration, is a milestone in world history.
Historical events can happen as they are narrated, the difference is the interpretation made of them, how they are explained, idealized and even ideological. In the West European tradition, the dividing line between freedom and tyranny was between East and West. The first was identified with rationality, justice, law and freedom, while the second, with despotism, black magic, the unbridled luxury, and slavery. So teach us school books: "The Greek victory represented a victory of Europe over Asia, of freedom over despotism." The Asian continent would always represent the most terrible barbarism to which should always be prone to more tenacious defense.
The movie "300" leads to the climax this idea of ​​European liberty against slavery in Asia, of reason against superstition Hellenic Persian. More serious are the historical horrors committed in this cultural product. Presented to King Xerxes as a quirky character, full of rings around the body, effeminate and lascivious with a monstrous voice, and blackish in color, something quite distant from the historical truth, as the Persian king was not black, queer or monstrous. He was a statesman, with ambitions of territorial conquest as many Europeans who "defend freedom" and Indo-European race, as the Persians are racially akin to the Greeks, the very fact that Alexander the Great conquered recognized the "land of Aryans "(Iran). From the emissary sent to the court of King Leonidas, to other Persian subjects, without exception, are presented as black, reaffirming this hostile attitude toward the Persians (and not bemoan the being black, but because they reject a historical reality, because Shaka Zulu also could be represented with the same features of Vladimir Putin, say). The monstrous image of the Persians is unheard of, show the deepest and most terrible thoughts on Asians has long held. While the Spartans, thanks to the formidable technology of "photoshop", appear with their sculpted bodies, their abdomens marked, ie, a presence that confirms the Hollywood style of film. The image contrast is remarkable. The Spartans / good are the classic movie star who takes upon himself all the more noble values ​​of humanity, while the Persians / bad are dark and monstrous, and represent the worst of the human condition. While Leonidas and his elite troops behave with dignity and courage, the Persian guard, the "Immortals" are depicted as monstrous beings, sprung from the dark depths of the earth, when in reality this elite troop history was the best Persian militia, and could only be composed of members of the Persian people pure (that is, Indo-European blood).
Undoubtedly, the repeated complaints issued by the government of Iran about to be taken into account. Nobody can be so naive not to realize insult to the Iranian size, it is not against those of the past, but against their ancestors to whom they are disgraceful insults directed the film industry assembled by the Western powers. "300 is a film produced with the support of the Secretariat of State and the U.S. Department of Defense, in which spoofs the civilization and culture thousands of years in Iran and it conveys the idea that the Iranians are belligerent and aggressive" says the Iranian government in a news agency Irna. This film aims to tell people that Iran, which is what Bush called the "Axis of Evil" has long been a source of evil and that the ancestors of modern Iranians are like wild ugly, stupid and murderers who are in '300 '. These and many other comments we are talking about a clear strategy of war by the U.S. government, which together with the British crown and the World Jewish Congress, are showing signs, as in this case with a cultural product called "300" - of openly hostile attitude against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In this context we must be ever vigilant to the messages we receive and not be distracted by images full of hatred and prejudice. Many times it happens that there are feelings that are skillfully exploited historical according to a policy of world power, now translated into the military operation against the "bloody Iran." But the Iranians are much more Indo several senior U.S. and British government, whose ancestral hatred biblically proven once again vomit on the world. Unfortunately many people seem to be ideologically enlightened, yet are easily duped by Hollywood strategy is dirty, and not only did not take the trouble to understand a cultural product of gauge size, but it also favors the imperialist strategy of those they agreed to divide up the world and peoples, who live trampling, and denying them their right to a free existence. So read these posts know, and let us not confuse by euphoria film, we end up harming all .-