She said that Argentina would continue calling "on all fronts" sovereignty over the islands. He also asked the UK to comply with UN resolutions and called the situation carries on England as "colonialism." The Head of State called "universalize" the question of the Malvinas

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, accompanied by the governor of Tierra del Fuego, Fabiana Ríos, the defense minister, Nilda Garre, military and veterans, led this afternoon the main event on April 2 in the city of Ushuaia.

"That story, the patriotism of those who gave their sons, husbands, boyfriends, friends, you (by ex-combatants) who were to defend what belongs to all us to Argentine sovereignty claim," said Chief of State.

Cristina called "an exercise in perseverance task on all fronts and at all forums in which to translate the injustice, the incoherence of a world that seeks to live in peace, respecting the borders, but by the mere fact of having a seat on the Security Council United Nations, does not respect UN decisions. "

"This double standard has to be reviewed," the President asked.

"We have to settle down mainly in international law, the claim just and peaceful, focused on the validity of international law," he said.

"We can not claim it to other countries in compliance with UN resolutions and yet one of them may violate systematically to date. These are things we are asking for and we'll keep calling in all the fronts, "said Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

The president asked that "we do not come running with ghosts ... that the Argentine military tried to take the islands."

"Thousands of young people were victims of the same dictatorship that insult but today was recognized by them as a government to the world despite reports he had of human rights violations," he said.

"We have the moral authority, institutional and historical data to make the claim that they meet the standards of the UN if it is true that you want a civilized and peaceful world," said the President.

Cristina considered necessary to "universalize" the question of the Malvinas to know that "is not a whimsical question of a country but a vision of a whole society about the world in which we live."

The President also recalled how he lived the war from the city of Rio Gallegos and described as "shameful" the fact that veterans were "hidden" by the dictatorship after the end of hostilities.

"For history, geography and common sense, sovereignty claim to 14 thousand miles away is not sustainable," said the president.

"It is an exercise of colonialism by the United Kingdom," he said.

He also thanked the Latin American countries for their support to Argentina's claim, saying that the "great powers" have offered to mediate for Argentina and Britain to sit "under international law."

"Honor and glory to those who died for his country alive Malvinas ..." concluded Cristina.

After the ceremony, Cristina threw red carnations into the sea to honor the war dead, after walking about 200 meters surrounded by people, who accompanied the end of the act.

The President moved from the Falkland Islands plaza along the Beagle Channel, along with Defense Minister Nilda Garre, other officials and relatives of war dead who thanked him for his contribution to the cause for the claim of sovereignty.