The utilities together in Argentina grew by 9.9 percent last February over the same month last year, announced today the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC).

A report of the entity states that the increase was based on the momentum gained by the cell phone, which exceeded 50 million units across the country, and to a lesser extent by the passengers transferred to domestic flights.

The number of calls from mobile phones increased 24.9 percent, while the rise in text messages sent by this route was 23.5, he said.

Also grew, albeit at a lower rate, demand for electricity (5.6 percent), natural gas consumption (1.1) and distribution of drinking water in the area served by the Water and Sanitation Company Argentinos ( 3.1).

In contrast, pointed to the INDEC, the cargo transported by rail fell 6.3 percent on average, while passengers used the subway were 12.6 percent below February 2009.