Mariana Esposito, better known as "Lali" (Buenos Aires, October 10, 1991) is an actress and singer in Argentina. She is currently a member of the band Teen Angels and the cast of When you smile me.

Personal life

She is the daughter of Carlos and Maria Jose Riera Esposito. Mariana was born in Buenos Aires on October 10, 1991. She has two brothers names Ana Laura and Patrick Esposito. Her brother currently reside permanently in Italy. Born in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios, she lived in Santiago del Estero, home province of his mother until age 3, when they moved to Banfield, where they reside.


Her first television appearance was made by the age of 7 years, on "Caramelito and you" attended by dancing to a song of Natalia Oreiro. Interestingly today, she is named as the successor of Natalia Oreiro.

"Lali" begins her acting career in 2003 at 11 years old, when she did get selected for the role of Coco-Malena, the children's series, starring Soledad Pastorutti and Guido Kaczka, Rincón de Luz. There she played a girl (Malena), which escaped from the house of her wicked aunt and ends up the beautiful and beloved Corner light, but posing as a boy (nicknamed Coco).

For this role had to make gestures of a man and even get a haircut right , represantar to the character. Being only a child demonstrated her talent there and the huge future ahead of her.

Between 2004 and 2005, also at the hands of Cris Morena plays Roberta character in the cast of Floricienta, children's series starring Florencia Bertotti Juan Gil Navarro and the second season by Fabio Di Tomaso.1 strip this was quite an event, which earned Mariana appear first in the largest theater in Argentina, the Gran Rex Theater, as part of the cast of the strip, which was a theatrical success, as well as television fiction. With this character showed his charisma and many even saw her as the successor to the protagonist of the story, no less than Florencia Bertotti.

In  2006 was cast Chiquititas without end, in 2006. Children's Series, also created by and starring Chris Brown and Gaston Ricaud Aruzzi Jorgelina. It plays Agustina Ross. In this strip plays a character totally different from previous ones, since it becomes an orphan, sweet, tender and amorous, verbose characters away from their past. It looks great both on the strip, as in the stage version of the cycle in the Great Rex, where he became a cast of characters more important.

In 2007 she is called to be one of the protagonists of almost Angeles, series created by Cris Morena, and lasts until 2010.

Thanks to his success in television, fiction was taken to the Grand Rex theater (the largest theater in Argentina). There he became a theatrical event rarely seen before in the country.

In parallel to fiction, with Peter Lanzani, Maria Eugenia Suarez, Gaston Dalmau Nicolas Riera and forms the band emerged from the strip, Teen Angels.

The band between 2007 and 2010 released four albums that broke sales records and launched the Lali to stardom not only as an actress, but as a singer. The success of Teen Angels made her visit several countries in Latin America and Europe, and even went on to win several awards.

With the fury generated around the group filled stadiums and theaters in each country where they made their concerts.

In 2011 is called for when you smile I. Launched in prime-time Telefe, starring Facundo Arana y Julieta Diaz, which makes the fictional couple Benjamin Rojas. In addition to continuing her singing career, releasing the fifth album Teen Angels, Teen Angels 5. Which has the addition of spray instead of Eugenia Igarzábal Suarez. Despite the band change remains a global sucess.