US President Barack Obama said Monday on two occasions that "the US wants to see a rising China, prosperous, peaceful and stable" and said that "although we compete for business, we also cooperate in a wide range of challenges and opportunities. "

Among those challenges, citing the fight against Ebola, climate change and nuclear proliferation, as the president said in a speech at a forum of business leaders to the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), held between Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 at the capital of the Asian power.

In a speech marking economic, Obama said the US "helped China to join the global economy, because that also goes in favor of US interests."

APEC is a multilateral forum created in 1989 to consolidate the growth and prosperity of the Pacific countries, which addresses issues related to trade, economic coordination and cooperation among its members.

As a mechanism for cooperation and economic consensus, is aimed at promoting and facilitating trade, investment, economic and technical cooperation and regional economic development of the countries and territories of the Pacific Ocean basin.

The sum of the gross national product of the 21 APEC economies that make up the equivalent to 56% of world production, while as a whole account for 46% of global trade.