The stakes were contrary. As soon as he announced the arrival of Diego Simeone in the Serie A team Catania, rumors about a possible feud between Carolina Baldini and Wanda Nara were felt.

Far from the scandal, the blonde and the brunette cleared trade rumors with a friendly message from the Twitter network and, of course, capped the message of peace and love with a picture in which you can see the VIP Botineras encouraging the team Maxi López.

"Which party with cholitos Lopecito and in the gallery! go!" wrote Ms. Lopez from your online account and for the first time, managed to use all the exclamation marks.

In response to the message of "friendship" of Nara, the "Chola" was for more and wrote from on your profile: "jua! Jua! Now I leave the responsibility to you until you !!!!!" . Nara said What? "expensive not vaaaaaaa vaaa not and will not be expensive!", retorted the new mother.