The boys grew up with success, and left behind the adolescence. More sexy, more personality, more friends than ever and eager to live in full this new stage, the band prepares to continue playing throughout the world. But with a novelty: Eugenia Smith left the group and Igarzabal Rochon (who worked in almost Angeles) became the fifth Teen. Increasingly large, the boys doubles the bet.

Life now confronts a new challenge: now up to them become what they are. Cris Morena's no more running back and sings what is and what is not. They are great while ago, and teens that sleep is the responsibility of continuing with a successful band, the Teen Angels, who began 2011 with a novelty: one of its members went and got a new one. "Nothing is lost, everything changes," Lali completed later.

The explanation of the case is as follows: before the departure of Eugene Smith (who did not reach an agreement with RGB), the producer Gustavo Yankelevich offered Rochi Igarzabal (whom the kids know almost by heart) to join the Teen. Of course, during the last three seasons she portrayed Casi Angeles Vale, and a couple of years is touring with the group. Learn the songs, the core. Would become something like a reinforcement of the house, the lower ones. In addition are the same, but without the obligation to be perfect, pure, immaculate. So dare to provoke, to talk about what they did not speak and look at the camera with more sensuality than innocence.

Since he began rehearsing with the new lineup returned to their lives the dictatorship of the clock, the rigor of the calendar, itineraries wild. And the interviews ... This, as with Rochi between them, begins with crusting of the eyes at four in the morning of Sunday 23, just hours after its revival on stage at the Conrad. Mariana Esposito (Lali, 19); Gaston Dalmau (27), Nicolas Riera (25), Peter Lanzani (20) and Rocío Igarzabal (21) gather around a campfire at Bikini Beach. It is already dawning. Photos begin.

WHO IS Rochi. He was born exactly 90 years after Jorge Luis Borges, 24 August 1989. Dato snob, it's true. Aged 21, is the sister of Luli (25) and Martu (19), daughter of Joachim and Adriana. He has over forty thousand followers on Twitter, a dog named Cafre and fans up in Serbia. Almost went to LA because an acquaintance of Cris Morena saw her in a school play and recommended. He went to an audition, was, and goodbye to the draft study Advertising. Immersed himself in it, was part of the strip during the second, third and fourth seasons, and less than three weeks ago he learned that would be the fifth member of the Angels. On its infancy and comedy artist, best left to talk to their peers in the interview that begins here. REC.

"Let's use as an excuse the first time in the Teen with Rochi as a member. As a first topic, tell me one their debut on stage.
Peter: My first time was in a school concert. He did nothing. I stood in the background ... A tree.

"First time I wrote a poem or a song.
Lali: Mine was just recently. It was about the situations in which there is just no inspiration to write a song and you do it well ... Acudís love, it is obvious.
Gaston: I wrote my first song in fifth grade, the farewell of the secondary. He spoke of the outputs, the fuck ... He said something about "throwing beer ...
Rochon: "Life was yesterday" "Yesterday I could breathe," "Yesterday I saw you in my arms again but now you are no longer at my side" ...

CHANGES AND ADRENALINE. Gaston gets up to go "potty" (behind a dune). Nico offers coax and say, when I come back, they had all had their debut on sex. After a while Nico pulls back and the caption: "... and so, but it was not the act itself, but by being with a naked woman. "

"Well, Gaston, you're last. First sexual.
Gaston: At 14. It was in the garage of a friend's house with my then girlfriend, who was my age ... and it was horrible. Was to do so, by demystify the fact. After upgraded, did you see? It's like wine.

- Yours, Nico?
Nico: That I can not tell. I tell you the first kiss. A friend got me the girl I was fourteen ... And, Buenos ... While Gaston was in a warehouse making love to his girlfriend, me, pure soul, I went to dance for the first time. The bowling was called Sublime. And my best friend, who was a cad, he pointed to a mine and asked me if I liked. The only thing I remember is I had a couple of giant rubber bands. And he went and brought me and sat next to me. Re I was nervous and did not enjoy it one bit. In addition, the girl was older, had like 18 ... I thought I was going to break!

"First time you felt alone and lost.
Nico: Once in Pinamar, at age 17. I was a little out of cups. I left the bowling alley and had to go to the right, but I went to the left. It was about half past six. I started walking and did not give more. I found a soft grass on and threw myself to sleep there. I woke up at noon.
Rochon: I felt lost when he finished Casi Angeles. I did not know what he was doing. Also, just saw the separation of Cris Morena Group and RGB and there was nothing clear about the future. M asked, "Now what?". Most had hit a laburo. For a little time was spent badly. When I called, was a tremendous joy.

- How did you hear about that would be part of the group?
Rochi: Two days before going to Brazil, I said they were seeing what would happen. And at 48 hours, I said yes, I entered the band. I signed and went to Brazil. He had not spoken with anyone. When I arrived at eight o'clock and at ten we were rehearsing ... And since then I stopped.

- Any advice that you remember?
Rochi: When I first entered the program, I had to make a scene in which he was imprisoned and said: "I trust you not to you or the greeting." It was a lost everything you know?, A mine tanned. And I said: "Tsho, to you, do not trust either the greeting" (tone type nah). An embarrassment. And it was Cris, I stroked her hair and said, "You can forget you have to the San Isidro tonito eh ... Because you're with 'sh' and you have to loosen. " Well, since then I started listening a little to them (points to Lali), and voila, ha, ha, ha ...
Lali: Oh, what's daughter ...! Sure, she came with me cheesecake and brownies with fat and mate. It was very Concheta speech. Over time the emphasis was leaving. But Peter also had an accent rugby. And at first it was from someone in the street.
Peter: I'm very proud of my accent.

- Did they give any advice to Rochi now replacing Euge?
Peter: We prefer not to talk about change, but new stage, a stage that we love to live. And that makes us grow. The change is more for people who follow us for us.
Nico: What is going to bring Rochi Teen Angels should not be compared to what brought Euge, because they are two different artists because they are not looking to replace anyone, but to add something new, different.
Rochi: Obviously there are fans happy and others sad, but hey, we're two different people and over time I will have to gain experience and connection with kids.
Lali: Drexler would say: "Nothing is lost, everything changes." Ultimately, the changes are always mature. And we want to live this new stage in full.

Source: People Magazine