Nicolas Ducoté facing the first rebellion of opposition councilors in Pilar, who refuse to give quorum in the commission of Finance for the treatment of increased rates. According to what LPO, the fight line is none other than the gaming tax.

The mayor of the PRO started strong and decided to apply a tax of 375,000 pesos monthly bingo, differing management Humberto Zuccaro that did not charge a weight to the slots in the district.

It is that the former chief of staff of Zuccaro, Federico Achával, identified as one of the leaders associated with bingo. His father, owner of the famous real estate, is a member of Christopher Lee in the games of Palermo Hippodrome.

The Achával council is perhaps the best known but not the only one that keeps Ducoté approve the fee increase. Also Osvaldo Pugliese, president of the Council, who was secretary of government when bingo was installed. And Adrian Maciel, president Block Renewal Front.

Which also he joined the mission of the opposition was Sebastian Perez, son of the former mayor "Pampi" Pérez, one of the leaders also active during the inauguration of bingo Pilar.

However, people close to this block of councilors say that bingo is not Achával, but Alejandro Gravier (husband of Valeria Mazza) together with other partners, and in any case are two different discussions, on the one hand debate taxes and the other about the bingo.

The Ducoté himself came out to clarify that "I do not know that there is a relationship between the assessment of bingo and refusal to approve the rate increase." As stated by the mayor, "is a political discussion with some councilors who do not want to join in the council," he told LPO.

In effect, the mayors say they will not vote for him because although rates tariff formally listed with an increase of 20%, believe that the facts will be 50%, and maintain that the village headman retacea this information. "Let them come to discuss the commission, giving the debate," challenged Ducoté.

Source: La POlitica Online