Dalma participated in the first contest. His dad was sworn replacing Sofovich. Veronica Ojeda danced last year. Another Maradona is coming to the dance ShowMatch?

The history of the competition that the first of the clan was Dalma Nerea participate in the first edition (2006), competing against Carmen Barbieri, Dady Brieva, Jesica Cirio, Miguel Angel Cherutti, Guillermo Novellis, Pamela David. The daughter of 10 was eliminated before the semifinal.

That same year, his famous father sat on the jury to replace Gerardo Sofovich, and accompanied Moria Casan, Jorge Reina Lafauci and Reech. This time, the participation of the star was sponsoreada by one of the largest casinos in the country. Then, Diego Armando Maradona reappeared several times in different editions of the cycle, but the last one was last year when he sent a video congratulating Ergün Demir (fan yours) for its development.

In version 2015, also appeared Veronica Ojeda, mother of Diego Fernando. Of course with much controversy, and letters document to prevent it mentioned or displayed the child. A year earlier, it had been called Rocio Oliva, but eventually the agreement came to nothing.

Now, the call for the contest ShowMatch is Diego Maradona Junior, the eldest player.

From Italy, Junior told Ciudad.com.. "I'm talking about does a lot of time with my lawyer Alberto Dominguez He contacted the Chato Prada I have wanted to participate, what happens is that I live in elsewhere in the world, and I need to solve certain issues in order to sign. I need to close matters that suit me, to make my life here. "

"I know Marcelo Tinelli is a good person, and I like the idea occupationally. Beyond economics, I have also to solve other issues, because I am newly married and my wife wants to go with me. I, in Buenos Aires will have no house or car or anything, so I have to perform those things, too, "he added.

The name Diego joins other summoned as Osvaldo Laport, Ernestina Pais, Juan Alberto Mateyko, Diego Brancatelli and Federico Bal (2015 champion), among others. Dancing 2016 starts to heat engines. Will there be a Maradona back on track?

Source: http://www.ciudad.com.ar/espectaculos/diego-maradona-junior-quiero-ir-bailando_70498