Martina "Tini" Stoessel (18) became a renowned international artist thanks to the very popular TV show "Violetta".

And the successful tour held in 2014 reaffirms, not only filled every room in which it was presented but the huge ticket the third positioned, globally, as the artist who more money harvested in 2014.

The statistic was provided by an international magazine specialized in music, where the band stated that more money collected on their extensive tours was One Direction, with an average of $ 108 per entry; in second place was Foo Fighters and third, Violetta.

Violetta tours, Enrique Iglesias with Pitbull and Juan Gabriel are among the most profitable of the moment worldwide.

The argentine artist Martina Stoessel, who plays the eponymous series Violetta Disney, ranked third with "Violetta Live",  just below One Direction and the Foo Fighters, according to the trade publication Pollstar. Recall that act Tini Mendoza on May 5 in the Malvinas Argentinas

Iglesias and Pitbull rank sixth and ninth Juan Gabriel. Ricardo Arjona, meanwhile, was placed in the 12th.
Pollstar list includes the city raised average and average ticket prices.

Here the full list

1. One Direction; $ 5,824,734 average revenue per city in which it is presented; $ 108.57 each input value on average.
2. Foo Fighters; $ 3,123,758; $ 88.27.
3. Violetta; $ 2,061,960; $ 77.17.
4. Fleetwood Mac; $ 1,612,996; $ 125.68.
5. Maroon 5; $ 1,456,267; $ 91.04.
6. Enrique Iglesias / Pitbull; $ 1,130,916; $ 85.88.
7. Queen + Adam Lambert; $ 1,106,153; $ 90.84.
8. Chris Brown; $ 1,073,882; $ 99.43.