A police officer spotted a man and a woman wounded by gunfire near the body of a deceased inside a car man, who parked a few meters from a police branch of the locality of Jose Leon Suarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A man was shot dead and his body was found inside a car parked outside a police station of José León Suárez, which further were another man and a woman wounded to death, police said.

Investigators believe that the victims were attacked and killed in a shantytown in the area and the suspicion is that it was a reckoning.

According to researchers, it all happened in front of the police station on the 4th. San Martín, located in the Juan Manuel de Rosas Avenue to 4100, Jose Leon Suarez, when about two in the morning he parked a Peugeot car 306 blue with three occupants on board, and with the window completely bored to death .

According to police sources, when an officer approached the vehicle he observed that within the same three people were bloodied.

The police determined that one of these people, a young man named Javier, was dead with multiple gunshot wounds at the waist and abdomen. Meanwhile, the woman, identified by police as Maria Alejandra Escobar (37), wounded in both legs, and the driver of the car, called Nélson Barrera, was presented a touch of bullet in the head. Both were taken to a hospital, but reached to tell the police who moments before had been in a town of José León Suárez, where they were received dead by a group of people.

The woman told investigators that the young man named Javier had asked her to accompany him to that village because "I had to fix some issues with people known". He also said that the other man was a taxi driver and did not know him.

Investigators determined that the car had all his papers in order and that he had asked for kidnapping. The main suspicion points to the crime that young could have been the result of a reckoning.

The young deceased had a criminal record and had been imprisoned until days before in a prison of La Pampa and there had shared a cell with the pair of Escobar, the injured woman.