Andrés Nara in new media has become and continues to make news. Now his ex-wife Nora have reproached again brought to light the issue of banned video of Wanda and keep talking intimacies of family.

Angel de Brito received a copy of the text and read live BDV versus Andrew. "This is a copy of the message you sent this morning Nora, she forwards it to me," said the journalist before reading.

"I still did not find in the dictionary to insult you. All they tell you you guys are. What need to remove both damaged video to your daughter? Lastimándolas do you enjoy? You're the devil incarnate. The game will head burned. Bastard, but you left your poor mother in the nursing home is not to blame. Would you declare war on your daughters. Andá to work once dignity. Always shitting people today touched them they "were the harsh words of the ex-wife to the father of her daughters.

Yesterday, Wanda also wrote a suggestive message on Twitter: "Life gives you back everything you do, too bad.