From today the minimum income rose to access the dollar savings to $ 8,800, representing an increase of 22.2%. However, this is not due to a change in the formula for calculating the floor, which is twice the vital and minimum wage but its update.

Then he ascended the floor of the formal salary to $ 4,400, the AFIP reported that increased the amount of income that savers must meet to buy in banks and exchange dollars for hoarding to $ 8,800, whereas before it was located at $ 7,200. It is that provision of a resolution of the Central Bank, this amount corresponds to twice the minimum wage, which rose this week by the Wage Board decision.

However, the rule that foreign exchange can be bought up to 20% of income is maintained. If wages or profits allow, this operation can not exceed u $ s 2,000, implying, the official exchange rate, change $ 16,840. This maximum can access only those who charge $ 84,200 or more.

Preserve for access to dollar hoarding increases by $ 1,600 and applies to saving individuals, not companies. Both employees as employees, as monotributistas and freelancers who charge over $ 8,800 monthly may acquire foreign currency to treasure.

It occurs in the context of the first week in August the daily dollar purchase records for hoarding fought.