CORDOBA - . Keeping with the opening initiated by Pope Francis , the Catholic Church consecrated yesterday baptism of a daughter of a married couple consists of two women who contracted a year ago link under the law allowing marriage between same sex . The church service was unique in that took place in the cathedral of the capital, a temple more than four centuries , and the godmother of the baby , Umma Blue was President Cristina Kirchner , who missed the meeting and was represented for its naval edecana , Finocchio Claudia .

"We ask that the President was godmother as a way to thank him. It was thanks to her that we we could marry and today we can have a drink with the same rights as other children ," said Karina Villarroel , with his partner Soledad Ortiz , the pregnant mother by assisted fertilization , and predicted that the next step is to get them the Church consecrates marriage, which by now is civil .

The baptism was conducted by the pastor of the cathedral, Carlos Varas , a priest of 83 years to 40 years in charge of the historic temple . Before a crowd of journalists, Varas tried to play down significance to the event. "We always baptized and baptism can not deny anyone said the priest to deny that the Church had opposed hosting the daughter of the two women . The Church has never denied baptism to anyone who asks as should ask . "

Mothers should Umma Blue trajinar by various churches to authorize them baptism. After wandering through the parishes , they decided to request a hearing Ñáñez Archbishop Carlos , who finally received and paved the way. " He told us that the decision of the parents had nothing to do with the child , who was to be baptized ," Villarroel said. She is a former cop who was notified of its low on March 25 last , for alleged breaches of his duties as concurred to work during their partner's pregnancy .

The naval edecana officiated impromptu godmother mothers gave them gifts from the President : a framed picture of him and a gold medal ..