"I do not regret of anything. We have one life and we must live it," said Brenda Asnicar during an interview with People, where she lamented the abrupt end of the only, but was positive to think about new projects that await, considering that she is only 20 years.

"This year I'm going to live alone. I'm at another stage. It was time independent. I'm in a process of maturity in career and life, but I do not to break the teen has to go naked . I want to be an artist, model no. I have wanted to be a singer, but I will study. I play an instrument, but also going to shape me. have to do things with commitment, but there is no progress, "said the actress.

"I am against women play at being sexy is a concept machists. There is something much deeper. Do not think it's all try to be sexy, but it amuses me," she said but she also was questioned about his affair with Carlos Tevez, a year and a half of separation from footballer: "the post was the worst of the relationship with Carlos, the aftermath left. it became too much the center of everything. to this day I do interviews and always titled with your name ".

"Someone living in Recoleta does not mean that someone smarter than the Villa 31. It is a complete bias, which led to the surprise of everyone. The truth is that Jack is very smart and very good. It's a boy gold, with lots of kindness, and taught me many things, "he said.

  "It was intense. So far was my great love, but I have 20 years ... Imagine what I need. I have really wanted to fall in love," he said.