The songwriter and producer is visiting a friend on the beaches of Miami, where it could do lunch in South Beach. The coast may help her write the songs that will be in the Teen Angels next album, the band was born in the novel "Almost Angels.

Cris Morena in a rest
Cris Morena decided to take a year to think and regain control of their life after the death of her daughter Romina Yan, which occurred on 28 September.

The songwriter and producer is visiting a friend in Miami, where it could be seen having lunch in the heart of South Beach.

"I have plans to work with myself. Prune in me that is dry, cut some branches hanging to flourish to the fullest, work hard with my ego to master, meet some people who always wanted to know, travel a lot, write more, to dream without boundaries, building little by little my new life, through the birth canal to be born again, an opportunity that few have in life and I think I missed, "he said in the only interview he gave after the sad departure of his daughter.

Probably the coast to help her write the next few issues of Teen Angels, the band that created the strip are almost Angeles and will continue playing. They have provided three dates in Israel and then estimates presented in different parts of Argentina.