"A buxom blonde star of television, it was seeing the star Carlos Tevez, cheating on his actress girlfriend," said the British newspaper The Sun, referring to the relationship would have had the player with Ciardone Claudia, a former Big Brother now girlfriend of Ricardo Fort.

The scandal comes from mid-November this year, when it emerged that the blonde consulted a psychic to alienate the men who make life difficult for her current boyfriend, the media chocolatier who will highlight his side all gay.

During the talk with Jorge Rial on his visit to the witch said she had a relationship with the footballer and who were not casual encounters, and who had left several months.

"At the time I refused because I do not care to speak and I heard that you appoint a player, so I say. Admittedly, I was before the World Cup, during and after, until I learned I had a parallel relationship and ended all ties with that guy, "said the air in" Intruders. "

And now, several months after the media event, The Sun takes up the issue and demonstrating its historical sensationalism, titled one of his notes ensuring that Manchester City striker had been unfaithful to his actress girlfriend, Brenda Asnicar.