Diego Maradona (52) arrived in the country and not saved in scandals. At 20.30 am on Tuesday, former footballer arrived at Ezeiza airport from Dubai, accompanied by his girlfriend, Rocio Oliva (22), and after a chaotic press contact, went straight to meet her son Dieguito Fernando, 90 days of his birth, in an anticipated match that lasted 80 minutes.

After arriving in Buenos Aires with his girlfriend, Maradona went to meet her fifth child lives Ezeiza where Veronica Ojeda. Broke (his partner was in the car with its custodian) and the meeting lasted for 80 minutes.

On board a car driven by his custody, and Rocio Diego moved to fifth district Clover (Ezeiza) where he lives Veronica Ojeda (35) with the baby. But according Ciudad.com could know, the directions, the vehicle stopped at the door, and only got Diego custodian left the vehicle with Oliva. Before entering, Maradona insulted the photographers who were following.

An hour and twenty minutes later, the car turned and walked away only Maradona, when the former coach of the team followed with his anger, this time with the journalist Pia AM Shaw, who said he was not going to talk because she had made a note to Veronica Ojeda.

Then Maradona night with a dinner followed by Rocío in-laws house in Bella Vista.

The drive from Ezeiza to the house was worthy of a movie scene. The car he was traveling in the Ten was followed by a troupe of photographers, which caused his anger. At one point, Maradona stopped the car in the middle of the freeway, got out, and began to insult them by asking them to leave him alone. As if that were not enough, after they threw stones and even threw a kick to a reporter who came to portray.

On the way from the airport to the home of his former partner, Diego stopped the car in full freeway, got out and insulted the photographers who were following. Then they threw stones and even threw a kick to a reporter who came to portray.

The scandal first came on the plane, when, after landing, a passenger approached Maradona to offer some free samples of a dietary supplement sold, and Diego would have answered with insults, as denounced by the man.

I once ashore, Maradona was authorized to live out track and avoid the press. But at the last minute had to change the strategy, since no one wanted to leave his girlfriend, who was not authorized to do that maneuver.

At the airport, contact with the press was chaotic, and he and Olive journalists escaped running, amid pushing and struggles: "Walk and put elbows!" Incredibly Maradona asked their custodians. And then, when questioned by the press about whether he would meet his son and if they were to sell the house of his father, he replied: "I have voice, but you know who I'm talking? With my friends. Centre ortivas not speak ".

The color data gave a group of Boca fans was there to travel to St. Paul to encourage Boca (plays on Wednesday against Corinthians in the Libertadores Cup), and in the midst of the commotion, began singing for their idol. "Dear Diego, La 12 is with you!" Shouted with elation. Then, Diego replied: "Hold Boca".

Upon arriving at Ezeiza, Maradona made no statements. "Walk and put elbows!" Asked his custodians. "With ortivas not speak!" Only answered to the questions of the press. In Intractable added that said: "They are all garbage as Rial and Ventura".

Furthermore, Intractable ensured that Maradona launched at a time "are all garbage as Rial and Ventura" although that phrase did not hear in the video that showed the air.

Gianinna WORD
Hours before the arrival of his father, had announced in Infama Gianinna Diego had asked her and Dalma accompany him on his first meeting with Fernando Dieguito, to meet together, a situation which then fell through: "He asked us to accompany him to meet Diego Fernando. do not know when. My dad is coming in a bit. know you're going to know, but do not know what day or at what time, do not talk to him yet. What yes we said with Dalma is that we will follow and we'll be the two with him in what he needs. "

Maradona arrived. Follow the scandal.