BUENOS AIRES. - Victoria's departure a few weeks ago, seemed to pave the way for Mario is the winner of Big Brother 2012. But on the next show of expulsion, the public got the thumb and the house was well without their two leading candidates.

Against this background, the figure of Ornella De Luca began to gain importance and appeared as the next big contender for the crown. But again, people were surprised with your vote and left out of the contest a little over a week of the finals.

This way your boyfriend, Rodrigo and Jorge Tucuman, were saved on this board and are one step closer to the decisive gala this year's competition, scheduled for Friday, April 13.

When his colleagues say in sentencing, Ornella spared no kind words for his partner and left their impressions on the young native of the "Garden of the Republic." "I still maintain that there are many things I did not like him. And sure I'll find out out other "he said. (Pulse Baires - Special)