Two officers of the municipality of Florencio Varela (Buenos Aires) will be indicted and subsequently removed from office after being found having sex with a girl inside a police patrol, during working hours, in the vicinity of the city council.

This was confirmed by the District Security Secretary, former commissioner Jesus Celis, in a press release. It says that "the two agents were discovered breach their work while they were in office."

It all started when a policewoman observed strange movements in a mobile, which was parked under a tree farm that connects the city council and the Commissariat for Women, with the lights off, like beacons.

Uniformed decided to approach and noted that inside the van, an agent kept sex with a young, while the other waited biding his time.

In such a context, the young policeman called their attention to municipal guards, who were completely paralyzed. In this context, put over car to order them to come down and freed the girl, in order to clarify the fact that considered that sex was not consensual.

However, far to comply, they launched the van and fled with her. The move almost hurts the officer, who must lie on the floor.

Then he gave notice to the Municipal Monitoring Center, for help in order to locate the fugitives, circulating at high speed by the Calchaquí avenue.

In this context, supervisors of the Communal Guard and monitoring area approached the area where they heard the statements of the police.

Among the Ford Ranger arrived, uniformed vehicle was involved in the scandal.

Without hesitation, the woman police identified as the protagonists of having had sex in the work schedule.

In response, the officers denied not only what happened, but have been rejected on the grounds that connects the local city council with the Commissariat for Women in Florencio Varela.