"Whether you want to put Puerto Margaret, Puerto Margarita or Puerto Margarona" said Chancellor significantly obfuscated, adding that the change is "violation" of UN rules. "Argentina does not recognize it," he said.
Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman rejected a possible name change to the main city of the Falkland Islands in honor of the late former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who even said that "destroyed the British labor movement" and it had the nickname "Lady Iron ".

The national foreign minister also downplayed that President Cristina Fernandez was not invited Thatcher's funeral in St Paul's Cathedral, London, on Wednesday, saying: "What do I care if I'm invited or not a place that was not going.'s a provocation. "

In a radio interview, repudiated the intention Timerman Islanders rename Stanley (Puerto Argentino) to Puerto Margaret, considering it "a violation of the United Nations resolutions."

"Whether you want to put Puerto Margaret, Puerto Margarita or Puerto Margarona. Argentina does not recognize it, nor the United Nations," Foreign Minister suggested, referring to the possibility that shuffled as a tribute to the islanders who consider a "hero" from the 1982 war for the archipelago.

Timerman said in this context that "Thatcher called 'Iron Lady not the Falklands War, but for destroying the British labor movement. Already came with that nickname not think it's no pride to be called so. destroyed the British labor movement, to the British miners Margaret Thatcher destroyed. The woman died, her family ensure peace. "

"Let's put things in perspective. Any action the UK over the Malvinas issue is accepted by Argentina. None. Besides, violates all UN resolutions, they all say that the parties the conflict must refrain from making changes to the conflict zone to alter the status quo prior to the start of the conflict, "he said.

Hence, "change the name (Stanley), sending soldiers, violates UN. Makes no sense, and continue to violate the United Nations resolutions," he complained.

"Britain ignores UN resolutions, for example, to change the name or the referendum (a month ago). Punished by the United Nations to Britain in 1967 by performing one in Gibraltar. Yet not respect the decisions when it comes to issues that are not interested in respecting, and uses the same United Nations resolutions to go and bomb countries like Libya or Afghanistan, "he compared.

This was the first manifestation of the Government on the premier died on Monday at age 87 following a stroke.

In the region, however, Thatcher's death had stunned the presidents of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, and Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

"It was a brave woman who faced problems and always had an attitude of solving problems.'s A great loss not only for England but for the whole world," said Piñera, while for a woman Santos was "controversial, brave, character and friend of Colombia. "

During the war of 1982, India collaborated with the United Kingdom, while Colombia, along with the United States, Chile and Trinidad and Tobago failed to support the Argentine request for the application of the common system of continental defense that tried to be the Treaty Reciprocal Assistance (Rio Treaty) before the military strike extracontinental power.