A man of 52 years was found dead at his home in Buenos Aires to San Martin party, apparently killed by acquaintances as they did not force the door behind him. He was naked, on her body had a pair of pants, a chair and smashed his head around his neck was a rope. At press time, the police tried to apprehend the criminals, who had acted with the purpose of robbery.

The body belonged to Adolf Marcelo Grieco, 52. According to trusted sources of the case, he worked as a clerk in a home gourmet meals Villa Maipu, San Martín. A few blocks from where I work is the house where he was found Thursday night. This is a farm located on the street Gutiérrez 2100, in the vicinity of the golf Argentinos Juniors, where he lived with another man Grieco. Although not revealed the identity or age of partner, Chronicle did know that this man was working at a restaurant in the neighborhood of Palermo.

When officers entered the home of the victim discovered that the door was not forced, but inside was a mess. The criminals took appliances and other valuables. Therefore, the main hypothesis of the researchers is that Grieco knew their murderers, and even would have let go. By making a few feet inside the home, police encountered a frightening image.

The body was naked, lying on the floor and signs of having been severely beaten. Trousers, probably you, covering half of her back, as if it had been thrown after killing him. A chair smashed his head and pulled the neck rope.

In the case, which was ruled "homicide", instructed the officials belonging to the judicial department of San Martin. Anyway, the staff of the Villa Maipu station, which took action in the case, until last night did not know the whereabouts of the murderers .

Source: Cronica