A River was left with little to go find the game, to be imposed on the court and throw its entire history Belgrano on the lawn of Monumental. So with that bundle of nerves that Nunez was the stadium, the "millionaire" was found within five minutes of play with a goal that bathed him in illusion. Of course, this team of Juan Jose Lopez and all it costs So until seconds before that wild cry, had to suffer.

After four minutes, a free throw poisoned Caesar Mansanelli looking center, finished the arc of Juan Pablo Carrizo. The goal silenced the Monumental, but Sergio Pezzotta, at the request of his assistant, the goal nullified by two players who were a step Belgrano developed, blocking the vision of the goalkeeper. Immediately upon leaving the play, the ball ended at the feet of Mariano Pavone, who stopped the ball and crescent-shaped area in the half pulled back ground that has been nailed down in the bottom right of Juan Carlos Olave. 1-0, enthusiasm and hope for those suffering fans "millionaires".

The goal makeup the shortcomings of the River and stripped of Belgrano. But without the power and reach of the ball, the "pirate" only managed to stay calm and stuck to withstand the onslaught of a "millionaire" that was more adrenaline than anything else. Even at 30, River built two clear scoring situations, both on the same play. It was first Pavone, who finished off the breast when the play Olave asked a little more subtlety by the low angle, immediately, Juan Manuel Diaz landed head center and Millimeter Walter Acevedo the ball just missed high. River played the best half hour of the semester, with arrivals, change of pace and fire of three quarters of court on.

Belgrano was very warm, only managed to withstand the storm "millionaire." A Franco Vázquez there was never César Pereyra ball and could not find space to exploit his speed. On the local computer gangs are well used, though sometimes abused centers. The first time was with a River away from the goal that ended Olave . In the last 10 minutes felt the frantic pace that prevailed in the first half. The Richard Zielinski, meanwhile, failed to take advantage of this downturn formed rival and only await the whistle Pezzotta, a poor work in those early 45 minutes. In the second half there were too many variations.

River field came to a stop and Belgrano rival to find some against it over to his challenge to reach first. With little and after that caught wrong-footed against the "millionaire" The ball fell to Pritchard who ran twenty yards, all alone, to face Carrizo. striker may place the ball on the body of the goalkeeper and the ball is lost outside. Unbelievable. In those few seconds it took to play, the Monumental was silence in the grave.

Belgrano felt he could find space, which could hurt counter and was encouraged a bit more to a River which affected its speed, something which was foreseeable by the high intensity exhibited in the first half. Thus, at 13 with a pitch to the area of ​​River ended in nightmare. Confusion between Juan Manuel Diaz and Alexis Ferrero, the ball fell at the feet of gentle Guillermo Farré air that hit her. The ball passed over the feet and burst into the Carrizo network to the madness of the gallery visitor and the silence of the premises.

The goal was an ice bucket for the hopes of River, which shrank speed, performance, and half an hour to play, to do two goals again. At 17 ', a penalty Cristian Tavio child, gave him a new opportunity to the team of Juan Jose Lopez. Pavone took over, but his shot, powerful, he found a huge Olave. If something was missing from River, was re- deal with a little luck. Franco Vazquez began to have the ball and Belgrano, despite monopilzarla could not for long, began to play more away from his bow. Lopez sent the court a Bordagaray Fabian, Daniel Villalba, but River continued abuse centers and darkened his fate. Her dream faded as the evening.

The disorder of his supporters, the chaos of unbridled passion that ended with the final whistle. River dropped the category, Belgrano took the big hit in El Monumental , but the real Palazo received it from their own past leaders, which led him to be what it is today. It went from "Millionaire" a beggar with a club black palate model and an institution that only poor remains huge by people. River embarrassment suffered its worst in 110 years of history and play in the B Nacional, which is unprecedented for Argentine and world football. Their fans are the only victims of such evil.