Bring to Martin, "Maradona told his staff. The selected, and had marked the first goal thanks to a Martin Demichelis. Greek had broken the lock with the ball stopped again decisive. His aides, Henry and Mancuso, it was suggested Higuain's income, sweet after triplet to the Koreans. But the DT spoke those three words and ended with the debate. He replaced a military without opportunities and subjected to physical play of central Greece. Lionel Messi was 11 when he saw miss three penalties in the same game, against Colombia in the Copa America in Paraguay. In the last professional match Diego, scored the winner against River with her platinum head. We could have 22 stories. All his colleagues have a shared episode the man who makes rain. For various reasons, has marked their lives. With these stories on his back, the legend came to play the final 10 minutes of the meeting, their first World Cup.

Greece came to not playing. And do not let her play. He set up the scheme more defensive 6-3-1 Cup Beside the German Otto Rehhagel, the proposals of Switzerland and North Korea seemed Cruyff's Barcelona. Two sides (Vyntra and Torosidis), three plants (Moras, Papadopoulos and Kyrgiakos) and a stamp on Messi Papastathopoulos number 19. She followed him to the bathroom. At Euro 2004, won by the Greeks with the same conservative idea, the coach had ordered four personal persecution against France. In front of the barricade, Katsouranis, Karagounis Tziolis and a scoundrel of the year zero, blocked the Argentine midfielder. And upstairs, alone, Samaras. Needed to win to qualify and executed the tactics of the bat, all hanging from the crossbar. But no one will criticize the slacker of Otto. That gave him immunity Euro forever.

With a team without shooting, Argentina took patience and uncheck to move the ball until the final 20 meters. But when it came to the area, rushed to the last pass. There was very little space and rival many people to combine speed with precision. The artificial-turf ball combo was an accomplice to the Greeks because it prevented the changes from the front, ideal for breaking up the pressing. There is nothing more humiliating for the player who can not control the ball. Surprised by the strong personal mark Messi cost him adjust to this new scenario. Agüero Veron and understood what was the alternative path-touch short and dribbling near the area. Both good answers demanded Tzorvas goalkeeper. However, the imprecision of Bolatti in the first pass, the timidity of Clement to go on the attack and the low weight of Greek mastodon Milito silhouetted against the possibilities of translating the possession in danger. Meanwhile, Leo had his implacable marker to the right to make his move recorded. Two take off in a row without missing the unhinged. Retreated to the midfield, but not to touch but to have it. Faced with the passivity of the Uzbek Irmatov, the Greeks took turns harmless breach areas. Unlike their previous matches, fought with intensity, without giving spaces. The last minutes of the first half were played at the pace of tough Karagounis, replaced due to injury. Greece went to the locker room without kicking on goal and goalkeeper as a figure, thanks to its four covered.

In the end, players changed but not their project. In Argentina, who never gave up the role, had trouble creating a hazard. Veron's influence by spending more participation by the resolution. Agüero got back, and had trouble turning to the Greek flag rigorous. Milito was still moving, but could not find his place. Important complementary player, Maxi could not be the solution. Clemente were encouraged to project, but did not finish well. Messi was trapped by the unbearable Papastathopoulos. It began to be felt fatigue and lack of spark. In the first 25 minutes of the second half, Greece only committed two violations. Always with ten players behind the ball, hitting no longer needed to stop the game. In addition, dared to throw two balls they found wrong with the defense stop Argentina for failing to make a personal mark Samaras with the team in attack. Demichelis lost a hand to hand and the striker was only for the left-footed shot just wide. Tzorvas gained an incredible ball Bolatti and, like their counterparts in Nigeria and Korea, became a great hero of his team. The zero-zero guaranteed first place in the group, but the selection I wanted to beat this rival that wanted to play. The match went into zone changes. Maradona included Maxi Di Maria for the left-hander to impose numerical supremacy and overflow to the left along with Clement. But not enough to give creativity and change of pace. Diego Agüero took the exhausted and put Pastore, the most glamorous player on campus, talking football terms. Exudes class and elegance. Everything he does is simple, with grace and aesthetic sense. Palermo's Italian Hitch took 30 seconds to get into the game. Greece did not have it in their catalog. Argentina is ranked 23 on the back of Tziolis and began distributing the ball with speed and intelligence. Interpreted the concept of play and move to re-engage in the play. The main income benefited from Pastore was Messi. As before with Pablo Aimar, Leo understands very well with the players passing the ball quickly. As the income of Aguero to Korea, the coach's decision decisively influenced the game. Again reading the game and his intuition led him to touch the right key. The above Argentina found he had searched below. Demichelis won top and, after a rebound in Milito, burned Tzorvas arc. Revenge was not long for the other Martin to Korea after his error. The goal dismantled the Greeks. Difficult when they play to keep the results show its limitations when they play for change. No idea they like and leave a mark. Forgot 19 Leo Messi and finally wrought havoc in the last 20 meters. He could premiere as a scorer in the tournament. After a big play, dented a barrel of a left-footed shot. It seems that when this guy made a goal in South Africa, will fall off the stage. Pastore served as conductor and dictated the tempo. Veron joined the circuit and there was game time for the "ole, ole." It was ten minutes. Diego could make one more change. A comfortable Milito had no match. Preferred starting point to get delayed by surprise, but the team needed positional reference in that attack permanently. Neither he nor his companions found a mutually reinforcing way. But no one can criticize lack of enthusiasm Inter striker.

Your income thrilled the fans. Headed in a couple of balls, played back as many left-footer and a pineapple. In the 89th minute, Pastore, Di Maria and Messi produced one big play touch and tap. Tzorvas denied a goal against Lionel. Who dropped the rebound? The man who makes rain. He hit the inside edge of the right foot and drove down. Once again, rewrote his own book. Many wept, others laughed, everyone cheered. No way. This guy is touched. For the next miracle, I know. The password is "bring me Martin.