Residential users of gas service that still have state subsidies these days received ballots with increases of up to 248 percent.

The increase is due to the new values ​​of the charge gas import tariff, which went into effect since January, will start billing you from the December 1, according to a note today slogan of the newspaper Clarín.

That, plus the new prorated billing mechanism, determined that the gas slips are being handed out these days with strong gains that reveal the extent of the government authorized rate hikes, outside the removes subsidies.

A year ago, a residential user of the R3 category 4-year level of consumption over 1,800 cubic meters, paid a bill of 25 cubic meters of the sixth two months about 25 pesos. Now, the new subsidized ticket he received for a similar consumption of 25 cubic meters between October and December rose nearly 550% and reached $ 162.

Although the increase is necessary if the user loses the state grant, the figure is much higher: in the same context, you must pay an amount of $ 417.


The increase approved by the Government, and not made public, it's about the specific charge, created in 2008 to meet the gas imports, representing between 50% and 80% of variable rate segment.

For him, in mid-November, ENARGAS, through resolution 1982/2011, introduced two outgoing changes.

On the one hand, extended its application to all households in low-and moderate consumption were excluded from payment. Households in the metropolitan area with a consumption of 1,000 cubic meters per year who had no office, they are now charged an additional per cubic meter consumed (ranging between 0.087 and 0.131 pesos).

On the other hand, rose to 248% charge for customers in medium and high intakes that already had been paying. For consumption ranging from 1,000 to 1,250 cubic meters per year, the fee jumped from $ 0.050 to $ 0.174. And for those consuming more than 1,800 cubic meters, the value increased from $ 0.270 to $ 0.940.

According to the scheme approved by the Government, the distributors have to make the total volume of gas in 2011 and claimed the new value multiplied by the charge rate that applies to each user. The amount arising from the operation must be assessed in 6 equal installments and transferred to the next bimonthly ballots, regardless of actual gas consumption in each period.

With this measure, the Government seeks to spread the impact of the increase over the year for winter ballots are not to be clouds in the cold months. Beyond that, the increase will impact directly into the pockets of users who also have to face hikes approved for electric service and remove arising from the subsidies planned for 2012 ..