Carlos Soria died at his farm on the outskirts of General Roca by a shot in the face. It occurred just before the 5 after the celebrations for the New Year. He was accompanied only by his wife, who was taken to a judicial office. The deputy governor spoke of a "domestic accident".

Black Rio's governor, Carlos Ernesto Soria, died this morning for a shot in the face, in a confusing case after celebrating the arrival of the new year with family in his farm located on the outskirts of General Roca.

Sources Viedma Police Headquarters confirmed to agencies that the incident occurred at 4.47 on the farm that Soria has about four miles of Route 22. The bullet would have hit in the cheekbone ziquierdo the governor.

At first, they said it was on his farm with his wife and his son, the mayor of General Roca, among other family members. However, this morning, the deputy governor Alberto Weretilneck, confirmed that only Soria's wife accompanied the provincial president.

Weretilneck himself, which will complete the term until 2015, as mandated by the provincial constitution, spoke of a "domestic accident".

It was "a domestic accident with a firearm and Justice which will determine what happened," he told radio 10. The death of the governor was not instantaneous, became transferred to the General Hospital Rock, where he died.

Soria's wife, Susana Freydoz, was taken this morning to a judicial office to testify.

In Viedma, Government Minister, Edgardo Bagli, was installed in his office at the government headquarters, where shortly after the news began arriving officers and employees.

Carlos Soria was 61 and Dec. 10 had become the first governor of Rio PJ Black from the recovery of democracy in the country. The Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli, remembered this morning as a "great political worker, a fighter and a great Peronist".

His remains will not be clouded by a decision of his family.

Source: "Clarín"