I wonder since the presidential formula Complete Progressive Broad Front. After sharing two years in the House of Representatives and now the knowledge that gives the work and shared dreams, I can say: Binner is a sober man, who does not speak of himself, listen to others carefully and decide firmly. A personality trait that is expressed politically in the democratic decency and honesty.

For the emergence of "political marketing" that spectacularize public life, with slogans that simplify the issues and candidates offered as a commodity, Binner figure contrasts for that very sober: know the facts and problems of our country, especially those who have to do with this region pampa gringa center where he was born and where wealth is mixed now supports the development of our country but where it sits, too, the best tradition of labor and agricultural demands.

Perhaps because it can be modern only when you have tradition, belongs to the best traditions of socialism, expressed today in social democracy, which enshrines rights and citizen participation makes a base for its management. If democracy is participation, cultural policy is one that is built collectively with the company, its artistic and cultural institutions, social movements and popular. This is the view that illuminates the cultural politics of Santa Fe, the province in which we look and is the letter of the Broad Progressive Front-FAP-If it is easy to recognize in its construction sites the conception of education and health as a right or the administrative red tape servers chosen by competition, what excites me is the place of culture because it also reveals his conception democratic politics, culture as a work of intelligence, sensitivity, imagination. The canvas on which embroider our lives with others.

Why Binner?
Years of authoritarian and undemocratic behavior naturalized economic emergencies, such as believing that presidentialism becomes strong at the expense of weakening the Parliament and subordinate to justice. That authoritarianism as an amoeba we stuck to our collective life, but we incorporated the values ​​of dialogue, tolerance and equality as a definition that at least supports the democratic system.

Thirty years of democratization and a decade of that burst of fury, 2001, our country is the cultural dilemma between a conception of personal power, hegemony and a truly democratic government institutions. A task for all you have in Hermes Binner its best.

As one teacher said Santa Fe, visiting Córdoba: "In Santa Fe we live because we have a governor serene calm. In Santa Fe we live at ease because we have a decent president. " Is not that a legitimate chance? Living sober, free to choose how to live.

Therefore, sobriety is a value when it comes to taking care of what belongs to everyone, decency, an unavoidable condition when handling public money and a progressive political conception is simply to comply with the Constitution as legal philosophical heart based on all international human rights treaties to which our law is subordinated magna and the public should know who has the right to have rights.

If what it is to build a government of institutions to overcome the culture of personalism and primitive barter votes for favors changing, not least the hope that stirs the candidacy of Hermes Binner, without any deed which costs perch collectively. In a
country like ours moved to crises and pain, and when we can build a prosperous country with joy and just do not be afraid to innovate, modern in its institutions and in their ideas. Solidarity with others and respect to yourself that is the best way to be respected
by others.