Last night in Showmatch, Eugenia Lemos, winner Dreaming of Dancing, who had said he feels more comfortable with her new companion Leonardo Piccinatto, said that his choreography was inspired by a party in Ibiza, "but I was never pictured with many colored lights. "Consistent with his idea, gave him a hat, glasses and a ring with colorful lights Tinelli.

Eugenia Lemos topless electrodance por papanamericano

She was for more and put a pin to his electro dance provocatively with topless. "I dedicate it to Flavio because I took note of what I said. As I was left with the desire on the strip, I did it now. "

"The idea was not bad, but missed a little bit more," he said Barbieri (8). Not even the audacity of the participant failed to impress Mendoza: "I do not like it. They would have to change everything. In creamfields no choreography, so do not know what to change for a possible match, "he reflected.

Moria (8) Eugenia congratulated for its topless "but did not contribute much to the Korean. At this rate it is all very difficult. She is spontaneous and launched. Would fail to further define the style. Do not abuse the robot ". For its part, Pachano (4) agreed: "I ​​agree but increased greatly in the tournament." Polino closed (7) away from the rest: "I conveyed to the parties usually go electronic. I really congratulate you. "Total: 27 points.