Sony attacks are becoming stronger and stronger. Some time ago a group of hackers got into the service called PlayStation Network, which is what gives users access to the PlayStation 3 and stole information from its users.

This caused the server was down for almost a month around the world as the company improved its safety. However, different groups continue to target Sony in its sights.

Now, some hackers who call themselves LulzSec, who had promised to go against Sony, the company finally attacked. Sony entered the server Picture and committed more than a million accounts, where they obtained information from users that in many cases, including passwords, email address, their homes, dates of birth and all that Sony asked to lift their accounts.

Why? According to a statement released by the hackers, the idea behind this attack is to demonstrate that LulzSec Sony has absolutely no care as to the safety of its users are concerned.

The anti-Sony who are pursuing LulzSec members called it "Sownage" and are updated all you do through your Twitter account.

While the service of connecting the PlayStation 3 and was restored around the world, the reality is that many hackers groups announced that they would attack the company. All indications are that things will be complicated too.