The preparation of the week sometimes can have its revenues, as in the case of Argentina to Nigeria and South Korea, or not, as happened with France in the loss to Mexico. Domenech, DT French, had a nice move with the ball board at floor level, but the cross from the right of Ribery was not good enough and therefore the action did not end in what might be the draw. Returning to Argentina, it is good to see Diego Maradona is making today will result in a folder is not widely used in the playoffs. In the World Cup, the national team scored five goals, three of them stop the ball and registered trademark of the moves made by Jose Mourinho at Inter.

Let us pause in Heinze's goal to Nigeria. Mark on the African side in the corners area and makes its 11 players in the area, two in the posts. The corner kick Veron and Heinze kicked him stood outside the area, as if to fill the position of the bounce. In the absence of fixed marks was Samuel who took Obasi (he was fouled in attack) because it was the only one (front) could block the entry of Heinze. There were five players from Argentina (Heinze, Samuel, Demichelis, Tevez and Higuain) against Nigeria 11, and yet it was a goal. Parallel to that Veron career began to take to run the corner to the penalty spot Heinze started running in front of the bow and a very good header could not be saved by Odiah, who marked this club.

That play was drawn from the laboratory of Mourinho. Inter, under its cycle, used it often. It was no accident that Samuel is also responsible for blocking rival brands that, instead of Heinze, who nod to the race on the penalty as Lucio. The Brazilian defender scored a goal and the September 23, 2009, by the Italian League, in the victory against Napoli Inter 3-1, but the corner was executed by Sneijder from the left. In the loss to Roma (1-2), also calcium, tried again but failed. No action is necessarily always have a foul by Samuel. In the Champions League last Thiago Motta who was pulled and turned in the air to Branislav Ivanovic in the duel with Chelsea.

Against South Korea knew that Argentina would have several foul or corners, so that the action of the ball stop could serve to mark the sticky oriental. And as against Nigeria, opened the game with a free throw. No Veron for the execution, Maxi Rodriguez and Messi stopped. The Barcelona player scored the play "No. 2", which included the definition Demichelis with an entry similar to that of Heinze to Nigeria (booting from the position of the rebound in front of the area) did not have that It was to end in goal from Park Chu Young.

Higuain's first goal was also born of a ball stop ready. Free kick Maxi Messi, Rodriguez returned to the outside and center to the penalty, so that the comb Burdisso at the far post. Who was there? Higuain, who headed in a pique Jung Sung Ryong beat. The code followed in the second half. After 20 minutes, Messi faked a free kick on goal but attended with a vertical center Heinze, who stung from the outside to the near post. Heinze appeared alone, without opposition, if it had been necessary was a goal. You may not always succeed, but for the Argentine team is good to add a useful resource, one more to the pursuit of victory.