Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli and his wife Karina Rabolini, made the news yesterday by a dramatic event that had to do with either politics or fashion. They rescued a young man who was swimming in the Luján River, in the Tigre, and avoid being carried away by the currents and the story ends in tragedy.

According to sources close to the president confirmed Aires, Scioli, his wife and a friend were near the 14 barbecue lunch at his home in Benavidez, Tigre district, when they heard cries for help.

While running toward the river Lujan met a man who took him swimming the stream, so do not hesitate and launched a rubber boat to rescue their property.

The Buenos Aires governor, who became famous as jet-skiing champion, came swiftly to the rescue boat with the young man who would have between 25 and 28 years.

According to a spokesman of the governor, in a few minutes Scioli and his wife were almost at par with the man who was being swept away and thrown a lifeline.

Once I got into the boat, the boy was taken by Scioli marriage to a break on the River Luján, where relatives were waiting.

"They left him at recess that the Automobile Club Argentino (ACA) has over the river, healthy and safe," they said circumstantial witnesses. The victim praised the bravery of the Buenos Aires governor and his wife, and thanked save his life.