It happened in Alpa Corral, Cordoba, when the pilot lost control of their Desert Warrior on a curve and slammed into the audience, which was in an area not allowed. Sonia Garcia, 28, was killed in the accident.

Tragedy in the Argentina-Chile Dakar 2010 In the first day of competition, a 28-year-old died after being hit by the truck driven by Desert Warrior German Mirco Schultis.

The accident happened at about 1500 meters from the entrance to the town of Alpa Corral, where the road forked and in which Schultis lost control of his truck and rammed five spectators.

The woman, identified as Sonia Garcia, suffered serious multiple injuries and two cardiac arrests and died at the Central Hospital of Rio Cuarto, where he was taken after the accident, like Gabriel Gomez, 24, who according to Norberto Brusa, head of the Guard, has a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula but not life-threatening.

Three other minor injuries with multiple injuries initially were referred to hospital Gigena Alcira. All are natives of the place, but a photographer, of Brazilian origin.

The journalist Thomas Fragueiro'relató to La Voz del Interior that accidents were located in the external sector of the curve, an area not permitted, and police had requested a change of place, but ignored. Even the photographer crossed the street several times.

Shultis would have had to brake, but struck the same, within four months to cross a fence. The pilot and passenger were surprised and even some people that wanted to attack.