Four surveys agree that more than half of citizens of the country the situation is "better" than in 2009. 44.8% believe that family income will increase this year. And according to a poll by CEOP, the positive image of President Cristina is 52%.

Four polls conducted last December agreed that the majority of Argentines polled expressed a favorable outlook on the overall situation of the country for 2010.

The pollster Ibarómetro, which replaced 1,500 cases nationwide, said that Argentina's situation is "better" or "as good" for 53.2% of respondents, while it is "worse" or "as bad" for 30%.

Moreover, the consultant Ricardo Rouvier and Associates, which monitored 1,200 cases nationwide, said that for 40.9% of respondents the situation in the country in 2010 "remains the same," while for the 35.5% " improved "and 16.8% for the" worse. "

Also, in terms of family income for next year, 44.8% believed that "improved", 31.5% think it will be "equal", and 15.5% that "worse."

Regarding the management of the National Government, 49.5% responded that it is "positive", while on the other hand 44.5% responded that in 2009 the situation was "better than expected," compared with 20, 9% for that was "worse."

For its part, the CEOP polling, which took over 1,000 cases nationwide, said that for 39.2% of respondents, 2010 will be "better", whereas 37.8% will be "equal", and for 23% will be "worse".

He noted that the level of discharge of President Cristina Fernandez in the last 3 months of 2009 reached 52.1%.

Finally, the consulting firm Equis, in his study of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, said that for 52.2% of respondents the situation in the country in 2010 will be "better" than in 2009, while 31.8% consider to be "worse", and 5.5% to be "equal".