After trying this afternoon ascent to the statement of Army chief Gen. Cesar Milani, questioned for his alleged role in the repression during the dictatorship , the Senate today gave the green light to the appointment of the military with 39 votes in favor and 30 against .

Cesar Milani was proposed by the Executive Branch as army chief , while the opposition rejected that promotion.

Until last week it was doubtful that the initiative could overcome the filter of the Committee on Arrangements . But pressure from the Casa Rosada overcame light resistance remained there and vote, all kirchneristas , that allowed the ruling to discuss the promotion of Army chief on the premises of the Senate was guaranteed.

Shortly after the polls closed , the head of the Kirchner bloc in the Senate, Miguel Angel Pichetto , referred to the appointment of Milani and pointed to the political backing of Cristina Kirchner. "The President has taken a decision to promote as commander in chief of a military that has a track record that this Senate evaluated three times ," he said .

He continued: " Milani was good when I was at the Ministry of Defence and suddenly it's a negligible character." Pichetto also said about The Center for Legal and Social Studies ( CELS) , which challenged the appointment of the military . " The CELS knows the cause since 1990," he asked. He added: "There are some who analyze the past with today's look and become momentary heroes, and when they had to do something were deathly silent " .