Google announced an official service that allows locate a lost smartphone and adds to the wide range of Android apps, plus all the alternatives for Apple users, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Cell phones must be coupled to the keys, identity documents and wallet, one of the items that cause the most concern for a possible theft or loss. There are several alternatives to avoid the bitter swill of not finding the device: the alternative of a small call is one of the usual alternatives in such cases.

However, in situations where the team is lost and does not remember if I left the phone at home, in the car or just got lost on the way to the office, there are services that allow you to locate the device, be it a smartphone or tablet Thanks to geolocation offering tablets and phones with GPS functions and wireless Internet connections.


Android devices lacked until now, except for service users App for Business, an official application that would manage phones and tablets to loss or misplacement.

However, Google announced Android Device Manager service, a system to locate a device with the mobile operating system of the company, sound an alarm and, if desired, to protect personal information from your computer using the remote wipe if unable to recover the phone or tablet.

Android Device Manager will be available later this month for all devices running Android version 2.2 or higher.

Also, the Google Play Store and there were several third-party applications that users can have an application to locate and remotely wipe a team. Samsung, for example, developed its own service, called DIVE, available from Addemás Knox has a security platform that aims to compete with similar services to those offered by the growing mode BlackBerry BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in corporate environments.

In turn, there are also alternative options as Prey free, open source system that not only supports management of phones and tablets of different mobile platforms, but also supports computers. It is free for users who have up to three devices and / or ten reports.


The alternative of the Cupertino company is called Find my iPhone, a location service and remote wipe devices based on iOS, available for both the smartphone and for the CD players and iPod touch and the iPad tablet. It is based on the iCloud service, and like many similar services, can sound an alarm, send a message or delete everything on the computer.


Windows Phone phones also have a service location and remote wipe natively. The security system requires the use of a Microsoft account to access the site / find.


BlackBerry Protect is the service offered by the Canadian company not only keeps the unit safely in a case of theft or loss, it also backs up your text messages and address book. Also for users to migrate settings and personal data seamlessly between different models of BlackBerry ..
Source: The Nation