The imbroglio began after learning the news about the reconciliation of Brenda Asnicar and Carlos Tevez in Milan, Italy. Some alleged statements that would have made the mother of actress discrediting her daughter's relationship with footballer-published in a blog on Italian television-generated anger in the former divinely came out to defend her boyfriend on Twitter, denying that they were said her mother.

From your profile, @ Asnicar__Brenda, she said: "It's a lie! My mom would never say that. My family loves Carlos. Nobody has any problem with him and love him dearly. He is a great person and my family knows. Thank you. "

What were the circumstances Adriana said, the mother of the teen star, according to Italian TV blog Tiwu? Here we reproduce. The engagement of boys, said: "This can not continue the relationship, she is too young. Carlos has nearly thirty years, is married and has two daughters. They talked about marriage, but his situation would be difficult anywhere. Dance is still a divorce from his ex-wife and custody of their daughters, what life would be for Brenda? ".

And the criticism amounted to crack Manchester City: "The truth is that when Brenda told us he was with Carlos Tevez, my husband and I were amazed. Yes, in the past were dating and romance as when he had a relationship with Andrés Gil, the children's program galancito Patito Feo, but it is normal to happen. She grew up it was becoming a woman. And he was young and beautiful, "said the lady would Asnicar.