This time there was a bus driver. Now that suffered the mutilation of two fingers was a man of 40, who tried to resist being robbed of money and a bicycle when he went to work in the area west of Rosario. Although the attack happened on Saturday, recently was released Tuesday.

According to sources quoted by the agency Telam, police are looking for the assailants, one of whom was a minor.

The victim, identified as Luis Fernando Velazquez, works at a service station west of Rosario. Shortly before 4 am on Saturday, was intercepted and Gutenberg Pellegrini Avenue, by a person armed with a knife.

The offender was in his way to steal a bicycle in which it moved, but the man resisted and began a struggle that ended when the thief cut on three occasions.

The sources explained that one of them went through to Velázquez two fingers of one of his hands, whereupon she was attacked by a second offender who punched him and took off his bicycle and a backpack carrying about 120 pesos and personal effects.

Despite being wounded, Velasquez walked a few blocks to the house of a brother, who aided and moved to the Emergency Hospital Clemente Alvarez.

There he found that he had the little finger amputee and the first phalanx of ring finger of his left hand.

The investigation is being conducted at the station six of Rosario, which sought to locate the assailants.