Maradona, the national soccer coach, left his mark every time he faced a microphone this year, here, a selection of those most vocal, their confrontations, insults and whatever Diego handed 2009 model.

It was a busy year for the Argentine national team cross between the constant statements of the coaching staff, the sluggish performance and the long-suffering soccer qualifying for South Africa 2010, then threw a favorable draw. The ship's captain, Diego Maradona, went through the most diverse feelings in 2009 and, since his remarks, made all sorts of phrases from this encouraging start to the year with the winner against France in the final fall to Catalunya. Here are the ten most important sentences of Ten: his fight for Ruggeri, the crossfire by Riquelme, their discussions with Bilardo and journalists and their rudeness in Montevideo, which earned him a suspension until 15 January.

January 19

"Obama chose what he wanted and I do not want to give Ruggeri. I deserve to have what I want. All technicians from Menotti until Pekerman, got what they wanted."

March 5

"I think Bilardo did not fight as both fought for Humbertito Ruggeri. I know for a fact that is what they did to Bilardo if I failed, but I proved I can command a group."

"I want to Roman coupling in the final 20 meters to mark difference, mental speed to enable the front and reach the goal, but the other day I saw him at the stadium of Boca and I do not know if you have problems physical or what, but that does not help. It has to be marked on the forehead that South Africa can be great rematch in the selection. He has quality, talented, has games played. I served if it is well physically. I want to be destabilizing in the last 20 meters to communicate with Messi, Aguero and Tevez. I used to be behind him and kick the ball from the feet to Demichelis, or turn around Mascherano and Gago. I need people taking off. "

June 4

"The truth do not know what is happening to Batista. Seems to have periods. Maybe he wants me to paint her lips and go for a kiss. He keeps talking about things that are not. I called him when he was out of the World Sub 20, does not know what else to expect. Batista got me tired. "

"The court in which I played in Fiorito is better than River. The field is disastrous. I wish he could find another venue. There may be players who bring that cost millions of euros to play in a paddock ... This time he missed the turtle at com (by Julio Grondona) ... This stadium is a running board. It's embarrassing. "

August 12

"Jonas (Gutierrez) is in my heart and my team. Before it was Mascherano, Messi and nine more. Now is Mascherano, Messi, Gutierrez and eight more."

September 10

"We will be in South Africa. And when Argentina is classified, these pancakes are going to want to do a shout Maradona. That'll get away with end caps. I'm not afraid (for journalists). From age 15 the fighting come, and I'm 48 and I'll keep fighting. It might be part of my work, some of the things I do, fight them to some criticism. You can do whatever they want, write what you want or do a television show. Like I'm going to face, you have no eggs to face. "

September 28

"The relationship with Bilardo's okay, okay. But I love lists early, I did not like meetings, I have everything written down on the computer to talk after the playoffs.

October 14

"I can remember, brother, who did not believe, those who disbelieved. With apologies to the ladies that suck and keep sucking that. I'm white or black, gray, I will not be in my life. Keep sucking, you I was treated like they treated me ... You, Pasman (Juan Carlos), also inside [...] you have invented all the time ... spoke of a fight with Bilardo and we were all day together on the campus of Ezeiza. "

October 20

"Here there is no hand Bilardo. The break we head thinking changes we Mancuso, Lemme and me. We make the changes, everything. Bilardo I was not suggested anything, but if it is suggested to Lemme is another problem let's talk. But it seems that surpasses coach Bilardo manager.