His way of being father opened a moral and ethical debate in public opinion. If the kids are happy or not no mother, is the chief complaint. However, the eccentric millionaire Richard Fort's pretty sure the family has made in society and their children, Philip and Martha.

The small, this February 24 met 6 years, were conceived by the method of renting the womb of a woman in California, USA. "You go to the clinic and give a catalog of all possible mothers. Besides choosing whether you want a blond girl with blue eyes or a brunette, you have your medical history available. I sought that did not have a history of cancer or any disease is rare, I noticed that grandparents have been well-lived ... And he had not looked for a history of baldness in my family because we all have much hair, "Fort told in an interview to People magazine.

After the election of "donor", the company is responsible for a mother to carry the pregnancy, "the carrier", whom the kids visit. Then, with attorney involved, are set forth certain provisions with regard to pregnancy.

"Every two months flew to Los Angeles to visit the carrier. In addition, we spoke almost daily by phone. The day before the boys were born in Buenos Aires called me to tell me he had broken bag. That night I took a plane and on the run, came into the game and they let me cut the umbilical cord of my children, "he said.

Like all first-time father, Richard also had his moments of awkwardness when received at home: "I was raising them only three months. Diapering, feeding them, bathing ... I went crazy. No sleep. The first time I cried non-stop I called the doctor: 'Come and see them, because they are evil,' I pleaded. The mine came, I gave two slaps on the back, slept ... And charged me a thousand dollars! There resolved that never again called the pediatrician.

In addition, Fort also stressed the help of his father in treatment. "We were in Germany. I found it at the Frankfurt airport to go together to an exhibition of chocolates in Cologne. And at the airport showed him the folder I had been given explanatory clinic. I said I wanted to have children, who had a method ... He was silent. I repeated the whole story and the second time she said yes. And he gave me the money ... My old man gave me the most important thing in my life: my children, "she said tearfully new media.