After several advances and retreats, the group consists of Alex Freyre and José Maria di Bello managed to marry in Ushuaia, as confirmed by Inadi.

"We just got married. We are extremely excited and happy about what this means for all gays and lesbians from Argentina. We are very proud," said a dialogue with TN José Maria Di Bello, who also described the governor Fabiana Rios, who authorized the marriage.

"Here, since the end of the world or the beginning, we light at all. Do not make public until the end wanted to avoid legal devices that prevent us from getting married. What happened on 1 December was very hard and caused us much damage," said .

The government of Tierra del Fuego in a statement that witnesses to the marriage were the holder of the province Inadi, Emilce Conejero, the president of the national body Claudio Morgado, the head of the Federation LGBT Maria Rachid, and Gorbacz.

The governor said the decision to consent to the marriage "is supported by an opinion of the Legal and Technical Secretariat, based on the ruling that declared unconstitutional the articles of the Civil Code prohibiting civil unions between same sex."

"It is a breakthrough in human rights and social inclusion and we are delighted it has been given in our province," the president said in a statement.

The couple managed and a longing that had tried to reach the Dec. 1, the original date for the wedding, chosen as the International Day against AIDS. However, the ceremony was frustrated yesterday by an adverse court ruling.

"Is Null". Eduardo Sambrizzi, representing the Corporation of Catholic Lawyers, told that "marriage is invalid" and called what happened in Tierra del Fuego, "a show".

She explained what happened not only contradicts Article 172 of the Civil Code, which prevents marriage between same sex, but also were not married in the place that the couple is registered, which in this case is the city of Buenos Aires.

"The Civil Code, Articles 186 and 188 set to be married where they live. What happened was like two people appear and tell the sweeper of the corner of the case, it makes no sense," he said.
"We are in the world upside down. As said by [Enrique Santos] Discépolo, this is a Cambalache" he retorted.

Obstacles. Alex Freyre and Jose Maria Di Bello were getting married on 1st of this month, after the administrative law judge in Buenos Aires Gabriela Seijas declared unconstitutional two articles of the Civil Code (the 172 and 188) and order the Registrar allowing them to marry.

The gay couple had taken steps to marry on 22 April when they went to the registrar of the street to ask Uriburu date. He denied the request because they are both men. A month later filed an injunction against the city of Buenos Aires, whose decision became final because Mauricio Macri Buenos Aires ruled that the administration did not appeal. Since then, the sentence could not be modified, so the couple had acquired the right to marry.

But the Registrar objected to celebrate the marriage and the national judge in that jurisdiction Alsina Marta Gomez decided not to innovate, ie not to hold the marriage. The Civil Chamber upheld the measure.

This led to the existence of two contradictory judgments, which did not allow the partner to define their situation.

The latest development was the decision of the Supreme Court, which rejected a previous presentation of the city attorney general, Paul Tonelli, and postponed a definition on the ability of gay couples from civil marriage.

But today, in the far south, Alex and Jose Maria could realize their desire to become a marriage.